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This quality manual is a statement of the organization, responsibility, procedures, and controls which have been implemented and maintained with the ISO standards in mind.


1.0 Management Responsibility


1.1 Mission Statement


Mercatech, Inc. is a contract supplier providing high tech, high quality machining, design, prototyping, and production services to a multitude of manufacturing markets. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by the use of state-of-the-art, fully programmable equipment as well as complete CAD/CAM systems operated by highly skilled journeymen and trained professionals backed by the best technology available.


1.2 Quality Policy


It is our policy that our products and services will meet and exceed all specified requirements.  They will be competitively priced and delivered on time.  Products and services will be produced in a system that assures quality is built in, not inspected in.


In pursuit of this overall policy, it is the intent of Mercatech, Inc. to:


Achieve total quality performance, by understanding who the customers are, what their requirements are, and meeting these requirements without error, on time, every time.


Achieve the quality of product and service that meets the requirements and expectations of external and internal customers in a cost effective way.


Ensure, by third party assessments and internal quality audits, that the appropriate quality of goods and services are consistently achieved.


Work at all times, in the manner defined in the Company documented quality system. Ensuring that the required quality standards are being maintained.


1.3 Organization


The overall responsibility for quality at Mercatech rests with its President. The detailed control of the quality system is delegated to the Quality Assurance Manager who is the management representative for the organization and has full organizational freedom to identify quality  assurance problems and to initiate corrective actions which result in solutions to those problems.


Each member of the company management is responsible for ensuring that the part of the activities which they control is effectively operated with this quality manual and the associated procedures manual. The quality system defines how employees contribute to the achievement of the company’s quality policy. It shows that the responsibility for quality rests with all employees of the company.


The organization structure of the company defines the relationships between the members of the company and shows how the authority to control quality is delegated.


Mercatech’s Quality Assurance Manager has the organizational freedom and authority to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of product nonconformity.


All employees have the organizational freedom and authority to identify and record quality problems in their own areas of work in accordance with the documented system.


All employees have the organizational freedom and authority to initiate, recommend, or provide solutions in their own areas of work through designated channels.


The President, through the Quality Review Meeting, has the organizational freedom and authority to verify the implementation of solutions to quality problems.


The management, through the documented quality system, have the organizational freedom and authority, in their own functions, to control the further processing, delivery, or installation of nonconforming product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.


All conditions adverse to quality that are not resolved, are reported to company management to resolve the condition, before they effect product quality.


1.4 Management Review


Responsibility for conformance and performance of the quality system, including International Standards and the associated procedures, is assigned to the President. Internal quality audits conducted by Quality Assurance or independent consulting agencies are used to evaluate Mercatech, Inc.'s quality system. The QA Manager provides periodic reports--from audits, SPC, and other data--which verify the quality system for Mercatech, Inc. management.


At least once each calendar year, the President reviews the quality system's applicability to the current methodology and International Standards. Revisions to the manual and quality system are made as required to guarantee the quality of the product, services and the needs of Mercatech, Inc..


As the company activities develop, training plans will be implemented to support this growth and development.


2.0 Quality System


Mercatech, Inc. has defined an effective quality assurance system which meets the requirements of the ISO9000 standard and this system is documented in this manual and in the associated company procedures manual and work instructions, and controlled through the quality review meeting and other management meetings.


The system has been implemented and shown to be effective in the control of the quality of the company’s products and services. The procedures within the system provide the quality plan for the company’s activities and these are reviewed and updated as appropriate to take account of any changes in those activities.


3.0 Contract Review


Mercatech, Inc. agrees with its customers on the details of the products and services that are to be supplied and this is confirmed in writing to the customer. Before accepting orders the requirements are reviewed to confirm that the company has the capability to meet the requirements.


These activities are performed before order, contract acceptance, or payment from a customer.


If the customer order is verbally received, the requirements of that order are repeated to the customer for verification before acceptance.


Special contract requirements for inspection hold points, tests, or quality plans are reviewed, approved, and coordinated by Quality Assurance.


All contracts carried out by Mercatech, Inc. are governed by the company’s conditions of sale.


4.0 Design Control


Mercatech, Inc. has established and maintains procedures that ensure the design and development of its products are planned, controlled, verified, and validated in order to confirm that the planned requirements are fully met. This activity includes the confirmation that all relevant legislative requirements are achieved.


5.0 Document and Data Control


All documents, records, and specifications used within the company quality system are formally authorized and controlled within the quality assurance procedures. All issues and amendments are confirmed in writing to ensure that there is no danger of company personnel working with outdated information. Where applicable, outdated documents are withdrawn.


Where data is stored on computer media, security backup copies are taken and securely stored in accordance with documented procedures.


6.0 Purchasing


The company places great emphasis on the selection and control of its suppliers. Mercatech, Inc. does not specify that its suppliers are registered to ISO 9000, but its suppliers are committed to quality and have demonstrated their ability to supply goods and services to the required quality at the specified time.


Mercatech, Inc. has agreed with these suppliers on specifications for the products purchased and only takes delivery of products that meet these requirements.


Mercatech, Inc. may evaluate its suppliers or sub-contractors using any of the following methods: direct visit, mail survey, through documented history with the concerned party.


7.0 Control of customer-supplied product


Material and/or documents supplied by Mercatech, Inc.’s customers for use in manufacturing are controlled in the same manner as all other lot-controlled material except when special handling is required by the customer.


8.0 Product identification and traceability


Mercatech, Inc. makes use of labels and defined locations to maintain product identification in storage areas and its staff has responsibility for the correct identification of sub-assemblies when these are not labeled.


9.0 Process control


It is Mercatech policy to ensure the quality of its services through control of its processes. This is achieved through operator-control of the processes and is facilitated by:


Experienced workforce with clear job descriptions

Documented work instructions

Operator instructions at all stages of the process

Approved processed and equipment

Defined standards of workmanship


The company also has formal documented procedures to ensure that its equipment is maintained in a condition that ensures process capability.


10.0 Inspection and testing


On receipt, all products are checked to confirm that the correct items have been delivered and that they are in good condition. The degree of receiving inspection will depend on the complexity of the item, the amount of inspection imposed on the supplier, and the customer requirements for the contract.


During the production and assembly processes, employees are responsible for the inspection and control of the material being used. They have the responsibility for inspecting the work as it progresses and for identifying any material, parts, or products that are unsuitable for inclusion in the production process.


Prior to packing, all products are always inspected and tested when necessary to confirm that they are of a suitable standard for delivery to the customers. Records of these inspections and tests are maintained by Mercatech.


11.0 Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment


Mercatech, Inc. places great emphasis on the accuracy of the measurements taken during the inspection and test of products. It has a comprehensive calibration system that covers all the measuring equipment used to demonstrate product quality. This system provides traceability to national standards.


12.0 Inspection and test status


During the production processes, Mercatech, Inc. relies on the skill and experience of its staff to identify and segregate any material, parts or products that are unsuitable. Identification of inspection status is denoted by inspection stamps on the shop traveler.


13.0 Control of nonconforming products


At goods receiving and during production processes, material is identified as being unsuitable for specific operations.  Once material is identified as unsuitable, it is recorded and such material may be reworked, used under cocession, or disposed of.


14.0 Corrective and preventive action


The quality system provides the means to identify where corrective action should be taken to eliminate the causes of nonconformity to specifications.  The Company places great emphasis on corrective action as being the major benefit, for both itself and its customers, to be gained from effective Control of Quality. Mercatech, Inc. conducts formal reviews of all rejects, concessions, complaints, and returns to determine the need for corrective action and to conform that the corrective actions taken have been effective.


15.0 Handling, storage, packing, preservation, and delivery


Mercatech, Inc. has appropriate handling equipment and trained staff for the movement material within the factory.  It has defined storage areas appropriate to the material being stored.


The Company has defined appropriate packing specifications and delivery methods for its products.


16.0 Quality records


During the process the systems generate records of all the activities needed to provide products and service to specification.  These records include the details of inspection and test results and are retained by the Company in case evidence is required of the activities carried out.  Where records relating to the Quality System are generated on computers, back-up copies of critical files are regularly made and stored.


17.0 Internal quality audits


Mercatech, Inc. maintains the effectiveness of its control systems by conducting formal internal audits of all the procedures at planned intervals.  These audits are carried out be the company audit team who has been trained in internal auditing techniques.  The audits are used by the management as an indication of the effectiveness of the controls operating in the Company.


18.0 Training


Mercatech, Inc. considers that the control of quality by its staff to be the most effective way of controlling the quality of the products and the services it provides.  It ensures this by employing appropriately trained staff.  The Company has a positive training program for all staff which builds on their existing education, training and experience.  The training records of personnel are used for selection of employees for specific work.


Mercatech, Inc. also uses procedures documenting the minimum requirements for personnel performing tasks such as, CNC operations, inspection, etc.


19.0 Servicing


Mercatech, Inc. carries out the services of its products through a documented service control procedure.  The service engineers are fully trained in the servicing of machines and are supported by technical staff.


20.0 Statistical techniques


The company has examined its processes to determine the need for the use of statistical techniques and uses such techniques where appropriate.




PS: Mercatech, Inc. Book of procedures and instructions is a document for internal use only and is not available to the general public.




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