EDM Tooling

Tooling around the EDM process NOT the other way around

Because today's tooling and production operations rely more and more on CNC processes, we invested in state-of-the-art CAD-CAM packages filled with the latest 3D parametric engines. Making for a seamless transition from the engineering department to the shop floor.This is where EDM really provides you with a more economical approach than traditional ways of producing these tools bypassing some intermediate operations that are now, no longer needed. The work literally flows from the screen to the machine.

Should you not have engineering or CAD/CAM capabilities, we can help you with your projects and designs, our sister company Mercatool, LLC. specializes in the design of custom tooling and CAD-CAM applications.

We can exchange data with nearly all other software packages available today via DXF, IGS or SAT file formats, to name just the most popular. We can also work in native formats with the following softwares, Autocad, DP Esprit, Solidworks. And Pro-Engineer via licensed data translators.

Our tooling motto is simple: build it simple, build it strong, make it last!

This combination of our traditional tool room activities coupled with our CNC and EDM capabilities allow us to create tools that are way beyond the scope of traditional machining capabilities. From a 3D part to the most intricate progressive die design, our engineers are ready for the challenge!

Our area of expertise includes the following:
Stamping dies (blank, pierce, progressive)
Extrusion Dies (rubber)
Injection molding (plastics)
Forging Trimmer Dies (steels)