EDM Manufacturing

The generic term EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) can be applied to any machining process that uses an electrode to remove metal, or any other conductive material, from a workpiece by generating sparks between conducting surfaces. During this process, energy from the sparks created between the electrode and the workpiece is dissipated by the melting and vaporizing of the workpiece material. All this being performed in a dielectric fluid to prevent premature spark discharge. Wire EDM uses a traveling wire electrode that passes through the workpiece, the wire is, at all times, monitored by the machine’s internal computer system. This process can be seen as a very high precision band saw that can hold tolerances of +/-.0002.

The EDM scene has changed dramatically since the Swiss firm Agie introduced the world's first industrial NC controlled EDM machine in 1969. In the early days of EDM a typical machine would cut under two square inches per hour. Today's machines cut well over twenty square inches per hour. Speed, finish, and techniques have all improved at a dramatic rate, making EDM a contender for production machining where accuracy and finish are primordial and consistently holding .0002” or better a reality.

Mercatech, Inc., provides quality EDM parts and components to producers of dies, tools, injection and extrusion molds as well as general machine shops for the aerospace, medical, computer, and industrial marketplace.

It is the heart of our company all our other activities revolve around it.

Wire EDM

With the help of our fully programmable 4 axis EDM equipment, we can produce larger components faster and with greater precision, as well as a higher degree of economy and flexibility for all your EDM machining needs. Our non-traditional integrated approach, as well as technological advantages, can provide you with the best and most profitable solutions. By helping you make the right decisions up front... before machining... your work will be done faster and more cost-effectively than you ever thought possible.

We want to make EDM work for you!

Our EDM services include wire EDM, sinker EDM, drill EDM, and production wire EDM.


RAM EDM, also known as plunge EDM or standard EDM, is the oldest form of EDM machining. It generally consists of an electrode usually made out of graphite that is plunged into a workpiece in order to create a blind-shaped cavity. It can also be used to generate through holes and geometry but these are not the primary uses of the process.

Drill EDM

Drill EDM uses rotating concentric electrodes to drill through a workpiece and basically performs the same functions as a drill press, except that the material hardness is not a factor and the accuracy of the finished hole is far superior than what any drill press can produce. It is best used to drill start holes for the wire EDM in already hardened material as well as accurate very small holes for industries like aerospace and medical equipment. Our electrode diameters range from .006” to .250”.

Production Wire EDM

Many people still believe that wire EDM is only suited to close tolerance, intricate geometry or exotic materials. This is not true anymore!

With our current technology and expertise, any part that can be nested or stacked is a prime candidate for burr-free production EDM, thereby eliminating many of the secondary operations needed with traditional, even contemporary CNC milling techniques.

From 1 to 5000 pieces and more, let us un-limit your machining options.